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   Iiyama LCD monitoren Paginanr: 56750200
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    Iiyama LCD/LED monitoren
 IIYB1780SB1 17i Prolite B1780S-B1 LED LCD 1280x1024 Height Adj. Stand Pivot122,00
 Speakers VGA DVI 250cd/mē 5ms TCO6 
IIYB1780SDB1 17i LCD 1280x1024 TN LED Bl.Pivot Height Adjust Speakers VGA119,00
 DVI-D HDCP 250 cd/m*2 5.000.000:1 ACR 5ms 
IIYB1780SDW1 17i LCD 1280x1024 TN LED Bl.Pivot Height Adjust Speakers VGA119,00
 DVI-D HDCP 250 cd/m*2 5.000.000:1 ACR 5ms 
 IIYE1780SB1 17i Prolite LED LCD 1280x1024 TN panel Speakers VGA DVI113,00
 250cd/mē 5ms TCO6 
IIYE1780SDB1 17i LCD 1280x1024 TN Panel LED Bl. Speakers VGA DVI-D HDCP 250110,00
 cd/m*2 5.000.000:1 ACR 5ms 
IIYB1980SDB1 19i LED/1280x1024/5MS/5MLN:1/250CD/HAS/PST/DVI/BLACK 131,00
IIYB1980SDW1 19i LED LCD. 1280x1024. 13cm Height Adj. Stand. Pivot.131,00
 Speakers. VGA. DVI. 250cd/m*2. to 5mln:1 ACR. 5ms. TCO5 
IIYE1980SDB1 19i LED 1280x1024/5MS/5MLN:1/250CD/SPK/VGA/DVI/BLACK 119,00
IIYP1905SB2 19i LED LCD 1280x1024 TN panel Protective Glass 250cd/m*2149,00
 1000:1 Speakers VGA DVI-D 5ms 
IIYB2083HSDB1 20i LED LCD. 1600x900 VGA 13cm Height Adj. Stand DVI Speakers102,00
 250cd/m*2 5ms (19.5iVIS) TCO6 
IIYE2083HSDB1 20i ProLite LCD 1600 x 1900 LED BL 5ms TN Panel DVI-D 85,39
IIYB2280WSDB1 22i LCD LED/1680x1050/5MS/5 MIO:1/250CD/TILT/BLACK 140,00
IIYGE2288HSB1 22i WIDE LCD G-Master Black Hawk 1920x 1080 TN panel LED Bl.85,39
 FreeSync 250 cd/m 12.000.000:1 ACR Speakers HDMI DVI-D 1ms 
 Black Tuner (21 5VIS) 
IIYP2252HSB1 22i WIDE LCD 1920 x 1080 LED TN panel Protective Glass127,00
 5.000.000:1 ACR Speakers HDMI HDCP D-sub DVI-D 5ms 
IIYX2283HSUB1DP 21.5i ProLite LED LCD 1920x1080 250cd/m 12mln:1 ACR Speakers86,57
 DisplayPort DVI VGA USB-HUB 2x2.0 5ms TCO6 
IIYXU2390HSB1 23i Prolite Ultra Slim Line Led LCD 1920x1080 IPS-Panel119,00
 Speakers VGA DVI HDMI 5ms TCO6 
IIYXUB2390HSB1 23i Ultra Slim Line LED LCD 1920x1080 IPS-panel 250 cd/m*2 to145,00
 5mln:1 ACR SpeakersVGA DVI & HDMI 5ms 
IIYB2480HSW2 24i LED LCD 1920x1080 13cm Height Adj. Stand 250cd/m*2 to140,00
 12mln:1 ACR VGA DVI HDMI 2ms Speakers TCO6 (236I/60cm VIS) 
IIYB2483HSUB1DP 24i LED LCD 1920x1080 250cd/m*2 13cm Height Adj. Stand to140,00
 12mln:1 ACR Speakers VGA DVI DisplayPort USB-HUB 2ms Speakers 
IIYG2530HSUB1 24.5i WIDE LCD. G-Master Black Hawk. 1920 x 1080. LED TN.110,00
 FreeSync. 250 cd/m . 12.000.000:1 ACR. Speakers. 
 DisplayPort.HDMI. VGA. 1ms. Black Tuner 
IIYX2481HSB1 23,6i ProLite 60cm TFT LED 1920 x 1080 16:9 VGA DVI HDMI102,00
 250cm/mē 6ms speaker black 
IIYXB2472HSUCB1 24i with 2MP Webcam . 1920x1080. VA-panel. 13cm Height Adj.160,00
 Stand. Pivot. 250 cd/m. to 12mln:1 ACR. Speakers. VGA. DVI. 
 DisplayPort. 8ms. (23.6i VIS) 
IIYXB2481HSB1 23,6i 60cm TFT LED 1920x1080 16:9 VGA DVI HDMI 250cd/mē speaker121,00
 height adjustable Pivot black 
IIYXU2492HSUB1 24i LCD. 1920x1080. IPS LED Bl. USB-Hub(2xOut). 250 cd/m2.119,00
 5.000.000:1 ACR. Speakers. DisplayPort. HDMI. VGA. 5ms (23.8i 
IIYXUB2492HSUB1 24i ULTRA SLIM LINE . 1920x1080. IPS-panel. 13CM Height Adj.138,00
 Stand. Pivot. 250 cd/m. 5mln 1 ACR. Speakers. DVI. HDMI. 
 DisplayPort. 5ms. TCO6 (23.8i VIS) 
IIYG2730HSUB1 27i WIDE LCD. G-Master Black Hawk. 1920x 1080. LED TN.145,00
 FreeSync. 300 cd/m . 12.000.000:1 ACR. Speakers. DisplayPort. 
 HDMI. VGA. 1ms. Black Tuner 
IIYGB2760QSUB1 27i WIDE LCD. G-Master Red Eagle. 2560 x 1440. LED WQHD TN.279,00
 FreeSync. Pivot+Height Adj. 350 cd/m . 12.000.000:1 ACR. 
 DP+HDMI(144Hz) . DVI-D. 1ms. Black Tuner 
IIYXUB2792QSUB1 27i ULTRA SLIM LINE. 2560x1440. IPS-panel. 5ms. FreeSync. 13cm253,00
 height adj. stand. 350cd/m. to 12mlnln:1 ACR. VGA. HDMI. 
 DisplayPort. Speakers. USB-HUB(2x3.0). 
IIYGB2888UHSUB1 28i scherm TN UHD (3840x2160/4K) 1ms 1xVGA 1xDP 3xHDMI Speakers 321,00
IIYX2888HSB2 28i LCD. 1920x1080. MVA panel. LED Bl. 300cd/m. 3000:1 Static175,00
 Contrast. 12.000.000:1 ACR. 24bit TrueColor. Speakers. DP/HDMI 
    Iiyama LCD/LED monitoren groot formaat
IIYLE3240SB1 32i WIDE LCD 1920x1080 IPS panel LED Bl.Fan-less Speakers270,00
 Multiple In-/Outputs (VGA DVI-D HDMI etc) 350 cd/m 1400:1 
 Static Contrast 8ms Landscape mode Media P 
IIYLE4340SB1 43i WIDE LCD 1920x1080 AMVA3 panel LED Bl. Fan-less Speakers387,00
 Multiple In-/Outputs 350 cd/m 3000:1 Static Contrast 8ms 
 Landscape mode Media Play USB Port LAN Cont 
    Iiyama LCD/LED monitoren Touch screen
IIYT1521MSCB1 15i LCD PCAP Bezel Free Front-10P270,00
 Interface-ExternalPower Adapter-VESA 100-Multitouch only with 
 supported OS 
IIYT1721MSCB1 17i PCAP Bezel Free Front. 10P Touch. 1280x1024. Speakers. VGA. 300,00
 DVI. 215cd/m. 1000:1. 5ms. USB Interface. External Adapter. 
 VESA 100. Multitouch with supp OS. 
IIYT1732MSCW1AG 17i PCAP Anti-Glare. Bezel Free Front. 10P Multi Touch.421,00
 1280x1024. Speakers. VGA. DVI. 215cd/m. 1000:1. 5ms. USB 
 Interface. Built-In Adapter. VESA 100 
IIYT1932MSCW2AG 19i PCAP Anti-Glare. Bezel Free Front. 10P Multi Touch. IPS.463,00
 1280x1024. Speakers. VGA. DVI. 215cd/m. 1000:1. 14ms. USB 
 Interface. Built-In Adapter. VESA 100. 
IIYT2235MSCB1 21.5i LED LCD PCAP Bezel Free 10P TouchScreen 1920x1080 VA253,00
 panel Flat Bezel Free Glass Front Speakers VGA DVI-D 
 DisplayPort 225 cd/m 3000:1 Static Contrast 6m 
IIYT2236MSCB2 22i W LCD Projective Capacitive 10-Points Touch Full HD Bezel253,00
IIYT2236MSCB2AG 22i LCD Proj Capac Bezel Free 10-PointsTouch. 1920 x 1080. AMVA279,00
 LED Bl. Speakers. VGA/DVI-D/HDMI. 213 cd/m. USB 3.0-Hub. 3000:1 
 8ms. USB Touch AntiGlare. 
IIYT2252MSCB1 21.5i OGS-PCAP 10P Touch Screen. 1920x1080. IPS-slim panel 193,00
 design. VGA. HDMI. DisplayPort. 250cd/m. 1000:1 Static 
 Contrast. 7ms 
IIYT2336MSCB2 23i W LCD Projective Capacitive 10-Points Touch Full HD Bezel294,00
 Free LED IPS 
IIYT2336MSCB2AG 23i LCD Proj Capac Bezel Free 10-PointsTouch 1920 x 1080. IPS304,00
 LED Bl. Speakers. VGA/DVI-D/HDMI 213 cd/m. USB 3.0-Hub.1000:1 
 5ms. USB Touch AntiGlare. 
IIYT2435MSCB2 24i LCD 1920 x 1080. VA panel. LED Bl. Speakers. DVI-D. HDMI.295,00
 DisplayPort. 215 cd/m*2. USB-Hub (2xOut). 3000:1 Static Contr. 
 6ms. USB 10p Multi-Touch. Web+Mic. 
IIYT2735MSCB2 27i W LCD Projective Capacitive 10-Points Touch Full HD Bezel387,00
 Free LED AMVA+ 
IIYTF2738MSCB1 27i PCAP Bezel Free 10P Touch. 1920x1080. AMVA3. DVI.HDMI. DP. 499,00
 255cd/m. 3000:1.5ms. Landscape. Portrait or Table mount. USB 
 Touch Interface. Speakers 
    Iiyama LCD/LED monitoren Touch screen groot formaat
IIYTF3222MCB1 32i ProLite TF3222MC-B1 PCAP Bezel Free 10-Points Touch Screen755,00
 1920x1080 AMVA3 VGA DVI 425cd/mē 3000:1 8ms 
IIYTF3237MSCW3AG 32i LED LCD PCAP Open AG Bezel Free 12-Points Touch Screen914,00
 1920x1080 AMVA3 panel VGA DVI HDMI 420 cd/m 3000:1 8ms 
 Landscape Portrait Face-up mode USB Touc 
IIYTH4265MISB1AG 42i 20-Points Touch. 1920x1080. AMVA3 panel. Full Metal994,00
 Housing. Fan-less. Speakers. Multiple Sig In-/Outputs. USB 
 Touch. 400cd/m*2. 3.000:1. 6.5ms. VESA 400x20 
IIYTH5565MISB1AG 55i 20-Points Touch. 1920x1080. IPS. Speakers. VGA. HDMI (3x).1.236,00
 AV. Infra-Red Touch. 450 (400)cd/m*2 (with touch). 1100:1. 
 12ms. Landscape+Portrait. 24/7 oper. L 
    Iiyama LCD monitoren opties
IIYDS1001CB1 Flexible desk mount for single monitor.Desk mount with clamp or64,04
 grommet. Monitor size 10~30i. VESA 75x75 or 100x100mm. lte 
IIYDS1002CB1 Flexible desk mount for dual monitor. Desk mount with clamp or71,91
 grommet. Monitorsize 10~30i. VESA 75x75 or 100x100mm. lte 10kg. 
IIYDS1002DB1 Flexible desk stand for dual monitor. Monitor size 10i~30i.79,77
 VESA 75x75 or 100x100mm. lte 10kg 
IIYDS3001CB1 Flexible desk mount for single monitor with height adjustable79,77
 gas spring. Deskmount with clamp or grommet. Monitor 
 size10~27i. VESA 75x75 or 100x100mm. 1~5kg 
IIYDS3002CB1 Flexible desk mount for dual monitor with height adjustable gas111,00
 spring. Deskmount with clamp or grommet. Monitor size 10~27i. 
 VESA 75x75 or 100x100mm. 1~5kg 
IIYMD052B1000 Wall Mount 432 x 400MM (B X H) 85KG for max VESA 400x400 79,77
IIYMD052B1010 Universal Wall Mount Max. Load 125 kg 436 x 600 mm101,00
 (particularly suitable for mounting the large displays in 
 portrait mode) 
IIYMD052B2000 Universal Wall Mount Max. Load 125 kg 805 x 466 mm 85,39
IIYMD052B2010 Universal Wall Mount. Max. Load 125 kg.805 x 600 mm (for 86i) 113,00
IIYMD052B7280 The Adapter set to VESA 600-500/600 andVESA 800-500/600.107,00
 developed for users who wish to install LFD to the floor lifts. 
 (Required for TH8667MIS) 
IIYMD052W7115 Floor supp wall lift for (touch) flat screens. Max load 120 kg623,00
 (86i). Electric adj with 660mm range. max centre 
 1805mm.anti-collision. 86i needs MD-052B7280 
IIYMD062B7275 Floor lift on wheels for (Touch-) flat screens. fitted with659,00
 VESA bracket. Max. Load 120 kg. Electric height adjustable with 
 500mm range. Black Wheel base 
IIYMD062B7295 XL Floor lift + wheels flat screens 65i~86i. lockable lid. Max760,00
 Load 120 kg. Electric adjustable with 600mm range. max centre 
 1890mm. 86i needs MD-052B7280 
IIYMD062B7650 Tip & Touch stand (motorized tip function) Height adjustment =1.097,00
 660-1320 mm 
IIYMD063B7240 Optional Keyboard platform Floor lift iMD 052G7200i or Floor83,14
 lift on Wheels iMD062B7275i. Especially for using a keyboard 
 close to your Touch display 
IIYMDBRPCV02 MD-BRPCV02 VESA Mount Bracket for SFF PC Fits on18,28
IIYOST3240 Deskstand for LE3240S 73,20
IIYOSTX40X81 Deskstand for LE43/48/5540S and LH42/49/5581S 73,03

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